Memory and the Secrets of a Face

When I was seven years old and hard to contain, my father sat me in front of a big box of pictures. We were cleaning out his mother’s mother’s house after she’d died… Continue reading

Nostalgia is the Magic Happy, Achy Pill and I Take it Quite Often

When I was dressing this morning, I turned to the mirror searching the middle of my back for a one inch, nearly invisible scar. I can still feel my skin tearing. We were… Continue reading

A Day in Philadelphia ~ City of Wonders

    As posted on: A Road Taken ~ A Blog for Travel Warriors We step through the curtain and enter a large, shadowed room with screens surrounding us. The waters of the… Continue reading

A Student of Travel: Road Trips and Tablecloths

I’ve traveled a lot. And I hope that never changes. The world beckons with a kaleidoscope–a smorgasbord–of wonders and breath stopper vistas, if only I leave the comfort of home and routine. Jaunting… Continue reading

Equations for Good Writing

I spent a lot of years thinking about writing. Talking about writing. Reading about writing (just like you are right now), which led to some of the best advice I’ve gotten: at some… Continue reading

The Art of Standing Still in NYC

Standing still is rarely admired in America, and yet it is exactly this stillness that we often find ourselves longing for. Now, consider standing silent in the middle of New York City, examining… Continue reading

An Underground Coffee House

When I was 18, I had an argument with my father that it shouldn’t matter who you know, but rather what you know. I’m still an optimist and a wee bit naive, but… Continue reading

Limoncello: A Remedy for Italian Nostalgia

The View from the Terrace at Spannocchia The gloaming time at Spannocchia brings easy laughter and Limoncello, a homemade Italian lemon liqueur that delights all but the teetotalers on the multi-national guest list.… Continue reading

Moving Sale!

No, not really, but The WordShop Blog is moving. Slowly. I am over at (seemed like a good idea for my BIG dreams). If you little band of cute followers could follow… Continue reading

AWP Conference 2012 “Loomers and Funky Shoes”

Despite the unmistakable eclecticity (no, that’s not a misspelling) in the air, a calm pervaded the Chicago Hilton and The Palmer Hotel as 10,000 writers and poets gathered to reflect on the art… Continue reading