2012 Writing Wordshops

2012 Writing Wordshops

The Wordshop encourages a fearless approach to creative writing within a supportive workshop atmosphere.

2012 Writing Wordshops
1. Unblocking the Words: Getting Your Voice on Paper
2. Embracing Your Story: Designed for Veterans, Survivors, and Overcomers
3. The Nuts and Bold of Short Story Writing
4. Lyric Writing 101
5. Essay Writing Basics
6. Revising Workshop
7. Personal Tutoring: Designed for your specific needs.

Each six week Writing Wordshop is designed to “unblock” your writing and take it to the next level. The focus varies, though each is rooted in the Six Traits of Writing. The writing steps: Pre-Writing, Writing, Revising, Editing, and Publishing, are addressed in tandem with the Six Traits: Idea, Word Choice, Voice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions in the foundational workshop “Unblocking the Words.” The Wordshops include, whether online or in person: workshop materials, weekly assignments, professional advice to revise, edit, and improve your writing or project.

Before June 2012: FREE online consultation! Just mention this article. Application Essay should be submitted in advance of free consultation.

*Location: Online Anywhere, Mid-Atlantic, U.S. Weekend Workshops

*Costs: The Online Wordshop and Personal Tutoring: $25 per person, per hour. Online Tutoring Venue: One-on-one video conferencing via Skype or iChat.

*6 Week Wordshop Sessions (Mid-Atlantic area)
Limit: 10 – 15 participants. Alumni Reading Socials: held annually. $125 per six week workshop. Workshop Length: 1.5 hours. Locaton: TBD. Minimum 5 participants.

*Weekend Wordshops: TBD by travel, material, and time costs considerations.

*All participant’s writing is eligible for selection on The Wordshop Blog website. All rights to your writing are retained by the author.